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  Welcome to the official website of Renee's Survivor Shop, located in Toledo Ohio. Our store serves the entire Northwestern Ohio and Southeastern Michigan areas, including Toledo and Perrysburg Ohio, and Monroe and Bedford Michigan.

Renee's specializes in providing quality cancer gifts and cancer items for survivors of all cancers, especially those individuals recovering from breast cancer. Renee's specializes in the fitting of breast forms, and wigs.

Renee's Survivor Shop carries all kinds of Cancer Awareness Items, and products for the side effects of chemo and radiation treatment.

Renee's Survivor Shop also places a heavy emphasis on the comfort and spiritual needs of their customers by providing private fitting facilities, and warm, welcoming support groups.

If or when the time ever comes, please consider us for your own cancer gifts and cancer items survivor needs, or the needs of someone you love. Thank you!

What's coming up at Renee's Survivor Shop?

Nothing currently scheduled..... Check back soon!



Your donations support the All4One Assistance Programs.

100% of you donation will directly support women in need. The All4One Assistance programs provide direct financial support to women recovering from breast cancer surgery. The programs offer access to the products and services women need to recover with Dignity.

Help us support women across the ENTIRE country!

Click HERE to read more about this worthy cause and to donate!

N E W     I T E M (S) !
NEW! - Summer 2013 Pocketed Swimwear!

Hang on - Summer 2013 is coming fast!

....and Renee's Survivor Shop has ALL the latest Amoena pocketed swimwear sets for you to choose from!

Amoena pocketed swimwear gives you the confidence to show off your figure again ? whether on the beach or in the pool.

Chic, fashionable designs combine with clever tailoring and high-tech fabrics in the latest colors, while bilateral pockets hold your breast forms securely in place. The stunning Amoena collection includes something for everyone.

Be sure to take a look at these exciting new line of swimwear, the next time you visit Renee's Survivor Shop!

NEW! - Radient Impressions CUSTOM Breast Prosthesis!

Achieving a symmetrical appearance after breast surgery can be challenging.

A Radiant Impression Custom breast prosthesis may be the perfect solution. Custom molded to fit ONLY your body, Radiant Impressions offers a personal fit and choices not available with a standard, off-the-shelf breast form.

Now, Radiant Impressions offers Scanning technology as an alternative to plaster casting! This remarkable option means no more messy plaster on your body to get an exact fit. Hooray!!

Radiant Impressions prostheses are hand carved and sculpted by talented artists at a production studio in Jackson, Michigan.

Renee's Survivor Shop is happy announce that we are now carrying beautiful "Forever Flowers" paintings!

NEW! - Forever Flowers Paintings!

Everyone knows that while real bouquets of flowers ARE beautiful, they provide a very short window of enjoyment opportunity - ESPECIALLY when considering what we pay for them.

Why not give a survivor you love (or ANYONE else for that matter) one of Ethel's beautiful framed "Forever Flower" paintings whose floral beauty will last indefinitely?

Check out Renee's large collection of these the next time you visit Renee's Survivor Shop!

Renee's Survivor Shop is happy announce that we are now carrying the ChemoBeanies line, which include 8 beautiful recently introduced designs!

NEW! - Chemo Beanies Turbans!

When asked what the difference is between traditional cancer turbans and Chemo Beanies, the makers replied:

"Traditional cancer turbans seem like a great idea, but we found they still make you look bald, just covered with fabric. The unique bunching of the fabric of our Chemo Beanies and ruffles on the black of neck provides an illusion of hair."

Here is some feedback that the Chemo Beanies company has received from the people purchasing and wearing their products:

"I am so happy with my ChemoBeanie. It is very comfortable, needs no adjusting, and I'm finding it much more comfortable than wearing my wig around the house..." -- Diane

?My friend Bobbie bought one of your ChemoBeanies for her sister. Her sister loves it. Thanks for putting a smile on her face during this rough time!!! --Andrea B.

" I love my "ANGELLE" in black. I wear the ruffle up to the side over my ear to give it a more "chic" look and I love the SHERI with the shimmer in it. " ---Ellen H.

" We are excited to provide your darling ChemoBeanies to our customers! " --Lynne's Wig Boutique , Utah

"Beautiful! I love my ChemoBeanie. I have the ANGELLE one and I love it! It's very comfortable and I get compliments all of the time. I'll be ordering more soon!" --Franny M.

If you are someone you know are in need of this kind of unique headcovering, be sure to drop by the shop and Renee's staff will be happy to show you our entire stock!


That Renee's Survivor Shop is THE place to come to find relief from the side effects from Chemotherapy and Radiation treatments associated with breast (and other) cancers!

Our store carries the following products to treat the following associated symptoms -

Hair Loss Side Effects
Sore head: Alra Shampoo and Therapy Lotion

Head coverings: Wigs, Partials wigs, Scarfs, Hats, Sleep Hats. We have a LARGE selection to suit everyone's style.

Lymphededma care

Alert Bracelets, Compression Sleeves, Compression Bra's

Lymphstar Pro sessions

Breast Surgery

Before any breast surgery: Camisole's with drain pockets

After any breast surgery: Bra's and related products such as First Forms, Balance Forms, Shoulder Pads, Luv Last Soap, Form Wash

Chemotherapy side effects

Stomach problems: Queasy Pops

Metallic taste in mouth: Salvia Sure

Mouth Sores: Squiggle, Ulcer Ease

Skin care for chemo and radiation therapy:


Skin: Lindi Skin Cooler Rolls

Hand and Foot Syndrome: Repreve Cancer Care Products

Dry Skin and Dry Lips: Repreve and Lindi Skin Care products.

While on the topic of Lindi Skin Care products, it is noteworthy that the April 19th edition of Supportive Care in Cancer published the full study using Lindi Skin conducted at Northwestern University's Feinberg School of Medicine. The conclusion of the study is very affirming of Lindi Skin as it stated,

"Moreover, skin toxicity as manifested by dry skin, hand-foot skin reaction, and rash (dermatitis) were decreased with use of test articles within 4 weeks."

The test articles used in this study were Lindi Soothing Balm, Face Serum and Face Wash.

Be sure to drop by to learn more about any and ALL of these great products!

By the way.... did you happen to catch the spotlighting of the Enell Sports Bra during May 2011 on Oprah????

Enell Sports Bras on Oprah!!!
Here's some "Enell Sports Bra Customer Buzz" on this wonderful product. Many survivor comments are included.

Read them for yourself, and then be sure to come down to Renee's Survivor Shop to check these out for yourself!

NEW! - Pambra's Bra and Tummy Liners!

Don't Sweat it.. Absorb it ...with Pambra's bra and tummy liners. Renee's Survivor Shop is now a proud distributor of Pambra's, The Original Bra and Tummy Liners.

Pambra's, The Original bra liner, is a soft cotton liner worn in the existing bra. Pambra's absorbs perspiration under and between the breasts. Pambra's also adds comfort to under wire and irritating elastic- most important this time of year!!

Doctor recommended to stop heat rash/fungus. Five breast surgeons from Virginia Mason Hospital, Seattle WA sent a nurse to find Pambra's Unilateral and Bilateral designs. We think that speaks volumes for our products. Pambra's are now a part of their surgical package on not one floor but four!

Pambra's newest product, the Original TUMMY liner, is for the lower abdominal fold of "plus size" people. This product has become Pambra's number two in sales in just two months.

You owe it to yourself to try out these fantastic new liners during the *hottest time* of the year. Let us help you provide comfort to all your customers.

The original bra liner is available in sizes small through 2X. This Original Bra Liner may be worn with or without a bra. For example, after your evening shower under your pendulum breast.

Available in Beige, Black, and White, sold in a package of 3, and machine washable!

We also carry the NEW Unilateral Liner. The Unilateral Liner is available in small through 2X. White only, sold in packages of 3, and machine washable. The Unilateral Liner is designed to protect the chest wall and provide more rib coverage on side of the removed breast, while it still features the slender band for the remaining breast.

Also NEW is the Bilateral Liner. The Bilateral Liner is available in small through 2X. White only, sold in packages of 3, and machine washable. Our Bilateral Liner is special because it is uniquely designed to protect the chest wall on both sides and provides extra coverage on the side ribs.

Finally, we also carry Pambra's Nursing Pad product. We offer our nursing pads in packaged sets of 5. They are 5 inches around for perfect coverage and absorption. Like our Liners, Pambra's Nursing Pads are durable, thick, and machine washable. Only available in white.

The quality of Pambra's is immeasurable! Pambra's materials and workmanship is un-surpassed by any of the imposter liners. Pambra's Bra Liners do not shrink or come apart. Pambra's is a wash and wear product; washing allows them to become softer over time. Pambra's Bra Liners last for years, unlike your other garments. The Pambra's company says that they are proud to say that they've never had a single return.


Today's Daily Deal: Stop in and mention you saw this on our website today, and receive a free Repreve Skin Serum or Wash with ANY purchase!

NEW! - MySassySleeve Lymphedema Sleeves!
Introducing the.....

MySassySleeve Lymphedema Cover-up Sleeve!

MySassySleeve? is a decorative, non-medical, tattoo sleeve created for breast cancer survivors and their supporters. MySassySleeve were originally created to be a fashionable cover to wear over Lymphedema arm bandages, but now Lymphedema-sufferer supporting friends and family are ALSO finding them a unique way to express their care and concern!

If this is YOUR type of thing, be sure to ask to examine one the next time you're in the shop! Renee and her staff would be VERY happy to show this unique item to you!

NEW! - Delicate Drops!
Delicate Drops bra and hosiery protectors are revolutionary patent pending products designed specifically to protect bras, bathing suits, hosiery and other delicate items from the wear and tear of the wash. They are the best product on the market for protecting and organizing delicates ? a total solution for the care of delicate items. They provide the care of hand washing without having to wash by hand.

Delicate Drops bra protectors are made from durable, smooth plastic formed in a teardrop shape that closely mirrors the shape of bras by today's top manufacturers.

Don't be fooled by the name...this is one durable and strong product!

Extends the Life of Your Bras!

  • Protects padding and underwire from deforming and prevents delicate materials from tearing and stretching
  • Secures straps to prevent latching to other items in the laundry
  • Helps maintain elasticity
  • Attaches to hangers and daisy chains for convenient air drying and organization
  • Delivers the care of hand washing without having to actually wash by hand
  • Delicate Drops bra protectors fit most bras up to size 36DD

    Ask about them next time you're in the store! Your undergarments will THANK you!

    NEW! - Reprev Skin Care Products!

    Renee's Survivor Shop now carries A Cute Derm's Reprev Skin Care product line. Reprev is Quality Skin Care When Dealing With Cancer, Chemotherapy, Radiation & After Treatments!

    Renee herself personally uses and endorses Reprev skin care products, and states that she has never seen anything like them before!

    The Repreve product line includes:

    A super serum, facial creme, body lotion, bruise creme and an ointment for cracked skin & fissures. The program utilizes highly purified Emu Oil, a natural ingredient that is loaded with Omega 3 and Omega 6 nutrients, which the skin craves. A-Cute Derm also uses pharmaceutical grade Vitamen E, a potent antioxidant that creates a synergy with the other ingredients. Emu Oil penetrates the epidermal layers to nourish dry, chafed, cracked, tired & irritated skin. Emu Oil appears to help with pain and acts as a bio-active transport to mediate other nutrients into the skin as well as accelerate the body's to heal.

    Stop by the store and ask Renee to try out Repreve for yourself!

    The Tiddy Bear Seat Belt and Port Protector

    The Tiddy Bear Comfort Strap

    Be sure to ask Renee and her staff to show you how the Tiddy Bear Comfort Strap can by used as a port protector!

    NEW! - ABC Massage Breast Form!

    American Breast Care breast forms are made here in America! Made to fit American women. The silicone ingredients used to make the forms come from U.S., with each form being hand made by one person from beginning-to-end.

    Click HERE to learn more about ABC's innovative new product: The Massage Form?.

    Have you ever wondered why insurance covers mastectomy bras and forms? Because it is important that you have a proper fit to help prevent back, neck, shoulder pain.

    Did you know that your insurance most likely allows you to purchase additional bras and forms? Come talk to us and we will be happy to help you find out for sure. And keep in mind that Renee's Survivor Shop (as always) are Certified Mastectomy Fitters!


    Treatments with the Lymphstar Pro device are now available at Renee's Survivor Shop to help clients manage their condition. This is a very relaxing and effective treatment to manage lymphedema.

    The device uses gentle sound pressure waves and a mild electro-static field to improve lymphatic flow and allow a deeper lymphatic drainage than other forms of lymphatic massage.

    We are seeing some wonderful results which have allowed clients dealing with this condition to reduce or even eliminate the use of other compression items such as bandages or compression garments.

    Treatments are completed in a private room at Renee's Survivor Shop. They are *not* covered by insurance, but are offered at a reasonable cost. The cost is comparable (or less!) than a lymphatic massage offered by massage therapists. Plus, the recipient is receiving lymphedema education along with treatment!

    Most people find the treatment sessions very relaxing and comfortable, and find that afterwards their swelling symptoms have been relieved, which is the primary goal!

    Keep in mind however, a single treatment is not a one time quick fix. You will learn this AND much more when you come in for a treatment or to simply ask more questions.

    Call the shop today to schedule your appointment! We're looking forward to helping Renee's Survivor Shop customers achieve relief from the trials of lymphedema!

    Lymphstar Testimonials

    Date: Tue, 22 Jan 2008 15:06:49 -0800
    Subject: testimonial

    Due to long hours on my feet because of my job requirements, I developed swollen feet and legs along with arm, neck, and shoulder pain from upper body repetitive motion. Getting no relief from conventional treatments, I tried the Lymphstar Pro machine treatment for lymph drainage. I experienced remarkable improvement after several treatments, so much that I purchased the machine for my own use. Using the machine three times weekly, I have additionally noticed a remarkable reduction in legs and buttocks cellulite, and also a significant firming of my facial and neck areas.


    Date: Thu, 24 Jan 2008 13:30:45 -0800
    Subject: RE: Lymphstar Pro

    I am 39 years old, married, and the mother of a three year old and a four year old. Shortly after giving birth to my children I began having severe health related symptoms ranging from fatigue, hair falling out, weight loss, anxiety, constipation, insomnia, water retention, fibrocystic breast disease, and the list continued to grow. Conventional medicine failed me in many ways and I began looking for alternatives. I found a holistic medical doctor who has assisted me in understanding that my symptoms basically grew out of two autoimmune diseases. Hashimoto's disease (thyroid), and Celiac disease (inability to process wheat and gluten). After eliminating wheat and gluten from my diet and beginning to take natural medication to enhance my thyroid I began to feel better, but not great. I have been fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to find the Lymphstar Pro. Immediately after using it for the first time I began to see results. I felt better and had more energy to get me through my busy days. I also noticed an immediate change in the way I retained water- I wasn't! I could see that by using the Lymphstar Pro I began to feel lighter because I wasn't carrying extra fluid. Ironically, a few weeks after I started the lymphatic massage, I had to have a mammogram because of the pain and swelling I was having in my breasts due to the fibrocystic breast disease. The mammogram came back clear and I have not had the pain and swelling return. I will continue to use the Lymphstar Pro for general overall health. I believe that it assists my body in cleansing and eliminating unwanted toxins in a safe and unobtrusive way.

    I am thankful that I have had the opportunity to find the Lymphstar Pro to assist me in maintaining my health.


    THE LYMPHSTAR PRO! Lymphstar Pro?

    Renee's Survivor Shop is proud to offer an outstanding instrument for use by health professionals and individual customers alike - The Lymphstar Pro!

    It is now being regarded as the premier product in its genre. Having evolved out of a decade of research, technological and design improvements, and user-feedback, you can feel confident that you have found the best.

    The Lymphstar Pro is used in applications related to moving lymph and the detoxification or clearing of tissue as it relates to the lymphatic system. It incorporates light (photonic) and sound (harmonics) with noble gas ionization into a therapeutic system of outstanding effectiveness and versatility.

    The Lymphstar Pro? is an electronic massage tool that gently stimulates the nerves and muscles to increase lymph flow. When lymph flow is stagnant due to lifestyle, or blocked by scar tissue, the terrain of the body may not be properly fed with nutrients or cleansed of toxins.

    Therapy heads are applied to the skin on various areas of the body. A relaxing session will leave you feeling refreshed, with benefits accruing over several sessions. It can assist with pain issues, swelling and edema, wound healing, skin enhancement, and much more.

    The Lymphstar Pro? technology is a combination of electro-static energy and sound pressure waves. It has been safely used by hundreds of health practitioners and home users for over 13 years. It was developed by the mother of a childhood cancer survivor and is manufactured by her company, Arcturus Star Products, L.L.P. in the USA.

    We invite you to try the therapy for a total health and beauty experience! Home use can be arranged (by purchase) for those requiring maintenance on a regular basis.

    ? Lori Malec Sweet, Arcturus Star Products, L.L.P., 2007

    [ read more...] (.pdf)

    So.... if you or someone you love is suffering from lymphedema, you owe to yourself or them to visit Renee's Survivor Shop to see how the Lymphstar Pro can help!

    The Popular 958? Surgical Bra The 958? bra was designed by a plastic surgeon to be the only all inclusive post surgical bra to help aid in the recovery of breast augmentation, breast reconstruction, breast reduction, mammoplasty, mastectomy, thoracic, oncology & general surgery.

    The 958? features a soft lace trim with the comfort of adjustable velcro shoulder straps which expand up to an extra 2-4 inches. The 958? is constructed of cotton and lycra spandex with front velcro closure. Other front closure options include zipper & hook and eye. The 958? is also available in cups.

    It is latex free and available with Velcro, Zipper or Hook and Eye front closures. The bra is also available with built-in cups and drain pockets on the side to help during the recovery process for breast surgery patients.

    Be sure to ask Renee or any of her staff about this popular and innovative product that we now have in stock!

    The Enell Hope Sports Bra Before the ENELL bra was brought to market, extensive research and testing throughout the United States was performed. ENELL Sports Bras were tested in many sizes and levels of physical activity. After testing the ENELL, women completed a questionnaire giving the ENELL very high ratings for support, comfort and quality.

    If you want good support during your workout or sports activities, the ENELL is for you. Both professional athletes and weekend warriors use the ENELL. Women wear the ENELL to play tennis, golf, volleyball, basketball, softball, ride horses, run, jog and in everyday workplaces. Enell and Renee's Survivor Shop is proud to be able to assist breast reconstruction patients and other women with physical challenges who come to us for help. We sincerely believe the ENELL will become an indispensable part of your active lifestyle.

    According to ENELL, consumer response has been great. One customer wrote: "Wow! What an incredible product! I've been in search of a sports bra that provides support for the last eight years and nothing comes close to the ENELL!" The ENELL comes in ten sizes to fit most women from a 32 to a 60-inch bust measurement. Designed primarily for larger breasted women, ENELL, Inc. has been delighted at the number of B and C cup sports bras they are selling.

    Be sure to ask Renee or any of her staff about this popular and innovative product that we now have in stock!

    Remember that ENELL will donate $6 to the fight against Breast Cancer for each HOPE (pink) bra sold.


    ABC Certification awarded!


    Big News!!!

    Renee's Survivor Shop proudly announces that we have received a Three Year Accreditation award in Mastectomy Orthotics, Prosthetics, and Pedorthics.

    Read more about this extremely important step for us by clicking on the links below!

  • Read confirmation letter from American Board for Certification

  • View American Board for Certification certificate

    Click HERE to see view our NEW Fall/Winter 2012 newsletter online!

    NOW in .PDF form! This means that you will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader plug-in loaded to view it if you do not already have it installed.

    Or...would you like to begin receiving the Renee's Survivor Shop Newsletter automatically? It's full of useful survivor information, and the latest news from the shop!

    If so, please send an email to Renee' at with the phrase "Send newsletter" in the subject or body of the email. Go ahead... it's FREE!


    We consider your submitted information extremely confidential.   It will NOT be shared, sold or otherwise distributed to any other organization.

    You have our word on it!


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  • A sample of the cancer related products we carry at our store

    Distributor of: 'Lindi Skin' Skin Care Products

    Custom Care Baskets - Click Here!

    Distributor of: Save the TATAs apparel

    Distributor of: LympheDIVAs apparel

    See what Oprah had to say about the Enell Sports Bra!

    Distributor of: Wicking j Sleepwear

    Distributor of: Henry Margu Wigs

    Distributor of: Queasy Pops - The Natural Way to Ease a Queasy Stomach

    Distributor of: Camp Healthcare products.

    Distributor of: American Breast Care products.

    Distributor of: Amoena Post-Breast Surgery products.

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